Vasantha believes in selection of right materials and processes to achieve the desired levels of quality. Today, Vasantha boasts of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that include fully automated machining line, comprehensive production capacity to support high precision and high speed machining needs, duly supported with a dedicated & highly experienced team to compliment the technology to achieve the highest quality of manufacture.

Strengths & Merits:

  • Our engineers take into consideration all the processing requirements of the material specified to achieve the highest quality standards.
  • With the state of the art manufacturing facility available, Vasantha is able to achieve cavity-to-cavity and mould-to-mould interchangeability in a most effective manner.
  • Planning & Scheduling software is being used in the organization throgh a Machine Scheduling software
  • Vasantha having latest CAD/CAM work stations that are integrated with our high-end CNC Machining tools.
  • Integration by Chameleon Handling Systems-Robotic Cell.
    • Yasda High Speed Milling.
    • Makino V55 Graphite Milling.
    • Zimmer & Kriem Sparking.
    • CMM Zeiss
    • Transclean – For effective cleaning of machined cores and cavities.
  • Advantages of Robotic Cell : Minimum Human Involvement, Precision Machining, High Productivity, Consistency & Repeatability, cavity to cavity and mould to mould interchangeability.
  • In house vacuum heat treatment facility, giving absolute control over the heat treatment process and hence better control over quality. -Volume 400mmx400mmx600mm Max Weight of 200Kgs.