Quality Assurance

Un compromising quality standards as USP, Vasantha has World Class Quality Infrastructure. All the processes are optimised and well controlled. Machined core and cavity inserts go through a rigorous inspection with proper documentation at various stages of machining. We have a very well defined and robust QMS, ISO 9001:2008 is in place to support and guarantee the customer satisfaction.

Strengths & Merits:

  • Vasantha has a well-qualified and technically trained team to support internally as well as externally in terms of metrology, documentation, analysis etc.
  • Department is well equipped with 7 CMMs and an Optical Inspect CMM for inspecting critical inserts/plastic parts, from Carl Zeiss.
    • Max Measuring Range of 1000mmx1200mmx600mm Accuracy of (1.9+L/300) µm.
    • Min Measuring Range of 500mmx500mmx500mm Accuracy of (2.4+L/300) µm.
    • Inspect Measuring Range 400mmx400mmx200mm Accuracy (1.7+L /250) µm.
    • Minitab software for generating CP and CPK reports.
    • Host of other inspection equipment.